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Payment Plan Policy

At CharmTech Academy, we understand that investing in your education is a significant decision. To make it more accessible, we offer a convenient payment plan option for our training courses. With our payment plan, you can start your learning journey today and pay for the course in manageable increments.

Payment Plan Policy

How It Works:

Step 1: Enroll and Pay Deposit
To reserve your spot in the course, an upfront non-refundable and non-transferable deposit of $500 is required. You can securely pay this deposit online during the enrollment process.

Step 2: Access Granted
Upon making the initial deposit, you will gain full access to the course materials within 48 business hours, allowing you to commence your learning journey immediately, if applicable.

Step 3: Choose Your Payment Schedule
After enrollment, you have the liberty to set the frequency and amount of your forthcoming payments to suit your financial situation. Visit our website, head to the payment plan page on the main menu, select 'Additional Payments', and input your preferred payment amount. Remember, payments can be made in any increments of your choosing throughout the registration period.

Step 4: Payment Plan Completion
All payments should be completed one week prior to the session start date. Failing to adhere to this will lead to forfeiture of the deposit and any payments made so far, though these payments (excluding the $500 deposit) can be allocated to a future class.


Note: Coupons or promotional discounts are not applicable to payment plans. This option is only available for the base course cost.

Payment Plan Terms and Conditions:

1. Automatic Course Withdrawal
   If the course fees are not paid in full one week prior to the session start date, it will result in automatic withdrawal from the course, forfeiting the deposit. However, the remaining amount can be applied to a future class, excluding the $500 deposit.

2. Chargebacks
   If a payment chargeback occurs, a fee of $35 will be levied on the student. Class participation will be suspended until the chargeback fee is fully paid.

3. Coupon Exclusions
   Payment plans are exempted from coupon or promotional discounts, being available exclusively for the base course cost.

4. Cancellation and Transfers
   To cancel or transfer your enrollment to a future class before the closure of the registration period (ending one week prior to the session start date), please send an email to Any payments made, apart from the $500 deposit, can be utilized for future classes if a transfer is requested within the allowable time.

Benefits of Our Payment Plan:

1. Affordable and Flexible
   Enjoy the convenience of breaking down the course cost into smaller, more manageable payments, thus easing your budgetary planning and investment in your education.

2. Immediate Access
   After the initial deposit, gain full access to the course materials within 48 business hours, ensuring no loss of vital content.

3. Customizable Payments
   Tailor your payment amount and schedule according to your financial capacity, while complying with the stipulated timeframe.

We urge you to thoroughly read our terms and conditions and refund policy before opting for the payment plan.

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