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Organizational Training

& Consulting Services

CharmTech Academy is a leading provider of Agile training and coaching services, and we can help organizations successfully transition from Waterfall to the Agile Methodology. Our expert trainers and coaches have years of experience working with organizations of all sizes, and can provide tailored training and coaching to meet the unique needs of your organization.

Our approach to helping organizations migrate to Agile Methodology involves a comprehensive training program that covers all the key concepts and practices of Agile methodology, as well as providing ongoing coaching and support to ensure a smooth and successful transition.​

What We

We offer a range of courses and workshops that can be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization, including:


Introduction to Agile Methodology

  • Overview of Agile principles and values

  • Benefits of Agile methodology over Waterfall

  • Agile roles and responsibilities


Agile Project Management

  • Agile project planning and estimation

  • Agile project execution and monitoring

  • Agile project risk management


Scrum Framework

  • Scrum process overview

  • Scrum roles and responsibilities

  • Scrum artifacts and events


Agile Coaching & Leadership

  • Agile team building and collaboration

  • Agile leadership and coaching skills

  • Agile team performance measurement and improvement

Course Outline

1 / Introduction to Agile Methodology

  • Introduction to Agile

  • Agile Manifesto and Principles

  • Waterfall vs. Agile

2 / Scrum Framework
  • Scrum process overview

  • Scrum Roles and Responsibilities

  • Scrum Artifacts and Events

3 / Agile Project Management
  • Agile Project Planning and Estimation

  • Agile Project Execution and Monitoring

  • Agile Project Risk Management

4 / Agile Coaching and Leadership
  • Agile Team Building and Collaboration

  • Agile Leadership and Coaching Skills

  • Agile Team Performance Measurement and Improvement

5 / Agile Implementation Strategies
  • Migrating from Waterfall to Agile

  • Common Challenges and How to Overcome Them

  • Implementing Agile in Your Organization

Get Started

Our training and coaching programs are designed to provide your team with the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to successfully adopt Agile methodology and deliver high-quality results. Contact CharmTech Academy today to learn more about how we can help your organization make the transition from Waterfall to Agile methodology.

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